Who Am i?

My name is Emma, and i am a Aussie. I currently live in Australia where the sun is almost always shining! I have a 2yr old daughter named Mia'Rose who i absolute love to bits. I also have a gorgeous fiance'  who puts up with my Makeup Obsession!

I am an aspiring photographer, I studied 2 years of Photography, Graphics and Media in college. It has always been a passion of mine, Once i had my first child i lost my way a bit, but after a couple of years now im starting to get back into it. I also part studied psychology for a few of years, as i have always and still would like to build a career in psychology. 

I started this blog out of pure curiosity, and became addicted to posting, reviewing and reading other peoples blogs.  Like most girls i love cosmetics, fashion & pretty much all things beauty related. You'll find on this blog posts about makeup, fashion, skin care, Life, Things i love, Things i hate and anything else i feel the need to write about.

All products i review are always purchased with my own money ( unless otherwise stated) and my reviews are 100% my own, i dont work for any companies and everything is based on my own judgement.

My blog is purely a hobby, Enjoy reading!